Episode 12 – Know the Hidden Gems in Your Financial Statements

For most business owners, reading financials statements is like trying to read a foreign language. You might understand the odd word but miss out on the real value of message being communicated. Just like a foreign language, most business owners understand some of the information on their financial statements such as sales and net profit but miss out on the “hidden gems” of valuable information that lies within them.

In this episode, Tony Malyk will make you feel like a financial whiz as he explains how to use your financial statements as a tool to identify the areas that are draining cash and profits from your business. You will learn how to properly read and analyze your Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet by doing 9 simple calculations, so that you can take corrective action and make informed decisions to turbocharge your profits and cash flow.

Stop guessing and start making decisions based on facts, so you can achieve your income and lifestyle goals.


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