Episode 13 – Get Off The Mouse Wheel

Do you feel like you are on a mouse wheel? You work hard everyday as the days, weeks and even years go by but don’t feel any further ahead. You work 60 to 70 hour per week fighting fires and haven’t had a day off in weeks because your business would unravel without you.

In this episode, Tony Malyk shares how to structure your business to reduce your stress and have more time for friends and family. Every business has five areas of accountability including: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Finance  Administration. Depending on on the size of the business the owner could be looking after some or all of the areas.

Tony shares a 7 step process that includes listing all the tasks that need to be done in the business, assigning a value to those tasks and using the information to create job descriptions. With specific roles defined, the owner can now decide which roles to delegate based on the value of the tasks. You will learn a system for delegating to ensure you have a smooth transition as you assign jobs and tasks to your team members.

Most small business owners are the General Manager of their business but many don’t understand their role as the GM. When there are no fires to fight and the owner finds some time on their hand, they gravitate to their vocation by putting on a tool belt or getting on the forklift to do some “real work”. Tony overviews the duties and responsibilities of the GM so you can focus on the high value tasks that will free up your time, reduce stress and allow you to run a more profitable cash positive business.

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