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Episode 9: Stop Using Beer Case Metrics to Run Your Business

Stop being frustrated with your profits by understanding the story behind the numbers. Too many business owners rely on “beer case metrics” to know how they are doing. Does this sound familiar? You work hard all week and on Friday you collect your customers’ cheques so you can run down to the bank to make a deposit. You then run back to the office, pay your suppliers and employees, and if you have enough money left over for a case of beer you must be doing OK. In other words, you don’t measure anything and the only way to know if you are doing OK is by watching the bank account.

It is crucial that you have timely information on how your business in doing so that you can take immediate corrective action to improve profits before losses mount. How do you do this? The answer is to measure Key Productivity Indicators (KPIs). By measuring productivity performance from the front lines of your business, you will have a much better understanding of what is driving the numbers on your financial statements. In this episode, Tony Malyk explains how a KPI system works by comparing it to the dashboard in your vehicle and gives advice on what to measure and how to set up a KPI system. Knowledge is power, so empower yourself with information so you can run a more profitable business.

8 Strategies to Turbocharge Your Profits

Generate more cash in your business by turbocharging your profits. By looking inside your business first, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in marketing to improve profits. Many businesses already have enough sales to be profitable, they just need to plug the profit holes that drain their business of cash and profits.

In this episode, Tony Malyk identifies the causes of low profits and shares eight strategies that can be implemented immediately to improve profits and increase cash flow. The strategies include (1) How to Successfully Increase Prices (2) Resist Discounting (3) Implementing Surcharges (4) How to Right Size Your Labour (5) Lead & Manage for Better Productivity (6) Review Processes to Reduce Waste (7) Account for Every Component in Your Product (8) Ask Suppliers for Lower Pricing. You will hear real life stories of how these strategies helped businesses just like yours, transform into cash-generating profit machines.

Learn how to turbocharge your profits and start making more money today!